Sunday, December 19, 2010

December Special

I returned to our medical and rescue base yesterday, December 18, 2010. It was supposedly my last duty of the year.
I came late, around 11:30am and almost lunch time when we recieved an ambulance request from Ospital ng Muntinlupa. Me and my EMT friend Phillip Albeza jumped into the First Van, together with KB 22 and KB 17. Me and Phillip doesn't have any idea what case do we have until we read the stub given by KB 17, It was just an ordinary Patient transfer for CT-scan, I said. We arrived at OSMUN vicinity and unexpectedly met our second van together with other EMTs, we mingled around,waiting for our patients to come. Second Van was there to pick up somebody as what they said expected to be in his/her way to Photo-finish state ( being in a pathway of death) and will be transfered at home. Our Patient came, a male patient who apperas to be a VA patient and needs to undergo CT-Scan. We left our second van at OSMUN and assisted our patient on his way to Beato(a Secondary Hospital) for his CT-Scan. We arrived at Beato around 12:30pm and we are on 10-12(stand by). We haven't taken our lunch yet so we decided to eat something for lunch.KB 17 decided to stay inside Beato to be able to assist our patient. Me, EMT Phillip and KB 22 went out for a congee, we bought a bottle of softdrinks and two packs of biscuits for KB 17. Our patient's CT-Scan results were availed around 1pm. We left Beato and assisted our patient on his way back to OSMUN. We arrived at OSMUN 15mins later and dropped our patient. We were about to leave until KB 17 was approached by one of the relatives of the patient whom supposedly second van's cargo. Second van left because of an emergency call. KB 17 decided to load the patient, one of the relative advised us that their patient is in DNR. Me, KB 17 and EMT Phillip was expecting a patient who appears to be at vegetative state,unconcious or worst. We went to the ICU to pick up our patient and for our surprise, our patient was consious, able to move her hands and able to comprehend what her son is saying but on a ventilator. Me,EMT Phillip and KB 17 look at each other and said "Malakas pa yan ah?!". The patient suffers stroke and can't breath herself. We talked to the patient's relatives and asked what happened, why are they going to take their mother out of the hospital? One of them replied, "we already spent 100 thousand pesos and we can't sustain it anymore." The poor woman looked at her son,held his hand and looks like begging for something. It was a very awkward moment. Even though I witnessed death many times, but I still felt bad that time. We verified the DNR order to the nurse on duty and it appears to be it was just a verbal order from the Patient's relative. What we have verified was the patient is in AMA(againts medical advise). We are allowed to resucitate then,?!The nurse told the patient that she is going to spend Christmas at home now. The patient was removed into the ventilator and attached to the BVM. I was ordered by KB 17 to advise KB 22 to prepare the ambulance. I rushed down and advised KB 22, I arranged all the equipments we need for that transfer. It was just AMA I said myself, we are going to perform CPR when needed I added. Again, we were suprised, after boarding the patient inside the ambulance, the nurse on duty ordered the Patient's son to remove the ET-Tube from her mother! I was Confused then! It isn't AMA. It's Mercy killing!we can't perform effective ventilation that way!The nurse on duty attached the woman on NRM 15 LPM.We know it is USELESS! We would like to perform CPR but it's gonna be no use, the patient is going home and there's no way to save her life at home. SPO2 reading was in 90 in first 3 mins, but decreases up to 50 afterwards,Tears falls out of our patient's eyes. Pulse was gone 10 mins later. And that time we believe she's gone. we arrived at patient's house around 2:20 pm. " Pahinga na si nanay" they said. We left the area after ensuring all legal documents needed. We felt broken hearted, annoyed and a liitle bit tired,but that's the EMS is all about,even though we are always at par,still,we win some,we lose some and we can't win them all. All we can do after we lose is to move on and prepare for another day.
God bless her soul.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The adventure of an EMT at one of the best school of EMT in the world. The Philippine society of Emergency Medical Technician.

Hi. I'm EMT6913, I am going to share you guys my adventures, misadventures and experiences. I am a Registered nurse in the Philippines and a registered EMT. I graduated my Bachelor of science in nursing at Our Lady of Fatima University, and I just recently graduated from one of the best EMT school in the world, The Philippine Society of Emergency Medical Technicians A.K.A. Life Support Training International, headed by the best instructors and top western paramedics from various countries. Before I entered PSEMT,I spent most of my Nursing Career in an industrial setting at Lucio tan's Group of Company industrial EMS where I learned much and respected by my colleagues because of my mastery in Pathophysiology and courage as well as skills to handle emergency situation which happens often in my area, after couple of years, I discovered emergency medicine at its best and I found myself in an EMT class at LSTI, Before I entered the school, I thought it's gonna be easy because I have prepared myself from pathophysiology, first aid and exposure to emergency situations. I was wrong, Lectures from PSEMT were one of the most difficult lectures I ever met in my entire career and I've learned a lot, I was challenged that time to be one of the best student because our school is known internationally. Fortunately, I became one of the top student, which I wouldn't expected  because I didn't performed well in my Final exam. After graduation,Mam Joan Tasker-Lynch wanted me to be at Life Line Rescue but I decided to be assigned at PERS AKA. Putatan Emergency Response Service at Brgy. Putatan Muntinlupa City. We serve the community voluntarily and with all our heart. PERS is one of the respected ambulance service in metro manila. it is headed by Mr. Jorge S. Esporlas whom I consider as one of the best boss I ever had. When I was on LTG EMS,even though I got paid big time, I can't feel happiness because of stress brought by my bosses. The only mentor who encourages me always at LTG was Dr. Francisco Tiongson Consultant of Amang Rodriguez Medical Center and Rizal Medical Center,LTG medical control. At PERS, everybody is good to be with. I was amazed at camaraderie and everything that they have and I told myself that I am happy to be one of PERS volunteer. Early next year, I will be leaving for an overseas job as an EMT and I couldn't make it without those people who helped me. Big thanks to Dr. Francisco Kit Tiongson of LTG EMS and Mr. Jorge S Esporlas EMT- Head PERS.

To save lives with smile and with all of your heart is the best!- this is what I have learned in Putatan. :)